The Bryden Stokes Promise

We place the brands at Brydens Stokes Ltd (BSL) into three distinct business divisions: Food & Consumer, Brewery, Wine, Spirits & Tobacco, and Health & Wellness. Our wide network of international suppliers and thriving portfolio make us one of the leading distribution companies on the island.

To support these divisions, we have over 330 employees and a portfolio of 450 quality brands. We make sure to reach the length and breadth of Barbados thanks to our team of 70 sales reps and 20 sales trucks, who work tirelessly to keep your favourite shopping locations supplied with the products you need and love.

We are relationship-driven, and always put the needs of our customers first and the families who rely on our products foremost. We’re not just a distribution company; we build brands, serve communities, and empower local businesses.

We take social responsibility very seriously, and consistently make charitable donations in order to positively impact all levels of Barbadian society. We believe in being active with our presence and also maintain ongoing sponsorships with numerous sporting groups from cricket, football, volleyball, darts, netball, and dominoes.

We place our community at the heart of what we do, and remain steadfast in our commitment to the families and businesses we serve.

Adrian Padmore

Managing Director

Adrian Padmore

Mr Padmore is a graduate of Harrison College Barbados and Coventry University, England, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He is well known in this sphere of business having previously held the role of General Manager for WIBISCO since 2002.
His experience spans the beverage, personal care and food industries, over the past 25 years. Mr Padmore currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Industrial Development Corporation (BIDC) and is the 3rd Vice President of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association.

Rohan Campbell

Divisional Manager: Brewery | Wine | Spirits & Tobacco 

Rohan Campbell

Rohan has over 15 years experience spanning sales, marketing and commercial management. He joins the team from Carreras Ltd (BAT subsidiary in Jamaica) where he recently held the role of Marketing Deployment Manager. He joined BAT in December 2011 within the capacity of Area Sales Manager and subsequently served in several other capacities to include: Trade Marketing & Distribution Manager, Route to Market Project Lead and he was also seconded on an International Assignment to BAT’s Caribbean and Central American Area Office in the capacity of Area Brand Executive overseeing the aspirational premium brands for the Caribbean markets. Before joining Carreras, Rohan held management positions such as Business Unit Manager at HD Hopwood and Company and Dairy Sales Manager at World Brands Services (a Division of Grace Kennedy).

Throughout his career, Rohan can be credited for successfully launching several new products, resulting in increased market penetration as well as implementing several staff recognition initiatives. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Hons) in Management Studies and an MBA Degree in Marketing (Dist.), both from the University of the West Indies and has served as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Technology. Rohan has a passion for travelling, exercising, reading and cooking.

Sasha Miller

Divisional Manager: Health | Wellness

Sasha Miller

Sasha Miller, Health & Wellness Division Manager at Bryden Stokes Ltd, has 14 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare and Medical Supplies & Equipment Industry.

Sasha, a Sales and Marketing Practitioner, has proven herself formidable in roles such as Medical Sales Representative, Regional Sales Coordinator and Business Unit Head – Ethical Pharmaceuticals.

Having worked for both Multinational and Local Organizations, Sasha develops mutually beneficial initiatives in service of “winning the business”.

Her professional relationships span the Eastern Caribbean States, Northern and Southern Caribbean Territories and the Americas.

Kara Boyce

 Human Resources Manager

Kara Boyce

Kara Boyce, Human Resources Manager of Bryden Stokes Limited, has a passion for business and understands the role keen HR/Labour relations can play in supporting business transformation and sustainability.

She holds a MSC in Labour and Employment Relations from the University of the West Indies and a BA in Psychology with (Hons.) Kara is also a certified Change Management specialist with the International Institute for Learning as well as a Certified Knowledge Manager with KM Institute, Washington, DC.

In her professional career thus far, Kara was able to add value to the labour and relations landscape through her last role as Labour Management Advisor at the Barbados Employers’ Confederation providing sound representation to over 80 companies within the private sector.

Kara also served on numerous national and regional committees including the C144 Committee established by the Ministry of Labour to consult on matters related to International Labour Standards. She believes in transferring her knowledge to aspiring HR professionals and this is seen through her contributions to employers’ column in the Business Authority along with her role as Committee Lead for the Labour Management & Industrial Relations Committee of the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados (HRMAB).

Margaret Haynes

Supply Chain Manager

Margaret Haynes

Margaret A. Haynes was appointed to the position of Supply Chain Manager in 2017 and in her capacity as the SC Manager, Margaret is responsible for leading the teams within four integral departments in the organization, of which include: Procurement, Customs, Warehousing, and Customer Service.

The wealth of knowledge and experience that Margaret brings to the team cannot be understated. Having served the industry for over 30 years, she has been pivotal to the development of household brands such as Brunswick, Exeter, Hersheys, and Branston. During her tenure, Margaret has held positions which include Office Manager, Procurement Manager, Divisional Manager Food & Consumer Division.

Her acute understanding of Brand marketing as well as Relationship management, has been instrumental in strengthening the ties that we share with many of our valued Suppliers today. The ambit of her strengths also extends to areas including strong negotiating skills, inventory management, and data analytics.

To date, Margaret also serves on the Barbados National Assistance Board; a government entity formed to aid assistance to the elderly and disabled who are in need of care.

In her personal life Margaret enjoys spending time with family and participates in activities which include textile-making and culinary art.

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Bryden Stokes advises our phone lines are out of service and offers these alternatives until the issues are resolved:

  • Customer Service 241 3838

  • Barbarees Warehouse 230 8539 or 230 9399

  • Food & Consumer Team 230 5937

  • Brewery, Wines, Spirits and Tobacco 230 3426

  • Health & Wellness 230 1731 or 233 5928

  • HR 230 8927

We apologise for the inconvenience.