Dewar’s 25 Year Old

DEWAR’S 25 Year Old is a celebration of the Blender’s art.

The most difficult technique in blending is “Layering” – combining the mellowed flavour of very old whiskies with the energy and freshness of younger whiskies. With DEWAR’S 25 Year Old this is done at each of DEWAR’S & Sons distilleries to reveal their full character. The blend from each Distillery is then married with the others to create a blended whisky of extra-ordinarily complexity and depth.

HONEY: Honey and Scottish fudge. Warm, buttery and mellow.
RICH TOFFEE: Toffee with hints of coconut. Rich, creamy and sweet.
VELVETY: A full finish, rich oak and caramel. Complex, lingering and smooth.




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