BRYDEN STOKES’ BRANDS give back to West Terrace Primary School

Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. The small boxes, designed to appeal to young children offer an ‘exchange book’ programme already found in 80 countries around the world.

This project was launched in April of this year by Good Humour Ice Creams and Smalta, both brands distributed by Bryden Stokes,  at both Aone Supermarkets at Carlton in Black Rock and Emerald City in Six Roads for use children of their customers.

Today the project expanded into West Terrace Primary School who currently have no library for their students.

Good Humor and Smalta both want to encourage younger children to read more, as the more children read the more they improve their sentence structure and discover new words and how to use and spell them.

Mrs. Hinds, Headmistress of the school said she was delighted with the idea and it would motivate the children to read more and to learn the art of swopping and sharing. The idea is a child between the ages of 4-10 brings a book they have already read, and swops it with a book they have not yet read.

The books were donated by Oxford University Press through their representative Paula Harewood of Brydens Stationery.

Shelly Phillips, Brand Manager of Smalta said: “Smalta is fortified with B vitamins and minerals, including phosphorous and potassium which are beneficial for strong bones and free of preservatives.  It is great for kids and Smalta believes in doing the best for our children.  Children have many options for technology these days; television, video games, smart phones, tablets and apps which are very popular.  Encouraging your child to read a good book, or even better, reading to them is just as entertaining and encourages family time. “

Katrina Kirton, Brand Manager of Good Humor Ice Cream commented: “As a mother myself I know that non-fiction books can take young readers on exciting adventures to new and exciting lands unlocking children’s imaginations and sparking their creativity. I always read to my son and want to encourage other parents to do the same. The Good Humor brand is over 100 years old and the first to create ice cream on a stick, we believe in family traditions and reading to kids is one of them.”,

For further information contact: Rachel Pilgrim, Head of Marketing, ANSA McAL (Barbados) Ltd, or tel: 434 2916

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